Friday, January 9, 2009

Hello 2009!

Hello loyal followers of the almighty Harrison,
It's my five month birthday today, and I thought I might celebrate by posting a blog all about my wizard xmas (now that dad is finally off the computer).
Firstly though, here is what I look like at five months - I now weigh 17lbs, 5oz!
I have cropped this photo to spare the single women out there some blushes.

I had a splendid xmas BTW. It was my first such event, and I liked it so much that I have requested to do it again at the end of this year - who knows? We might make this an annual occasion. As you can see, I got into the spirit of things straight away.

An even more pleasant surprise was the descent upon my home by hordes of people claiming to be related to me. They brought gifts- so I spared their lives.

Here is someone called 'Lucy', who claims to be my cousin.

And here is another one called 'Sean', who also claims to be my cousin. They can't both be the same relative, so one of them is an imposter.

I also got to meet Nanny Annie, Uncle Neil and Auntie Julie and a couple I had met before, Grandma and Grandpa Gill. Much hilarity was had by all. I was especially happy to see that they had all brought me presents, and I ripped into them with great gusto.
You will notice that I am sitting on my new throne. I strongly believe that every potential super villain should have an imposing chair - and this is mine.
Not only that, but my guillable parents thought they were buying me an exer-saucer, not a highly advanced command center from which I can command my forces. Now I just need to find forces who are happy marching to the tune of 'itsy bitsy spider'.
As a New Year's treat, my extended family took me for a jaunt around something called 'Monterey Bay Aquarium'. It was loud, colorful and smelled vaguely of fish, but I got some great ideas for my lair while I was there. How about this? A trapdoor on an artificial bridge that dumps my unsuspecting minions into a pool of slightly miffed anenomes! Mwahahahahaha!
My insidiousness knows no bounds.
I have some great news to share with you by the way. One of dad's friends, a mysterious fellow who is known simply by the name 'Stooge' is now the proud father of twins! Congratulations to the entire clan - I look forward to recruiting them into my league of diabolical...ness.
I'll leave you with a random collection of me. Happy New Year!

More to come,
until then, HJB out.