Thursday, April 9, 2009

Greetings Harry Fans,

So sorry for the long delay between blogs - you can blame my dad. He has been hogging the computer lately doing all sorts of crazy stuff, but he has finally given me a chance to do a bit of catching up on this, my 8 month birthday.
Eight months! Crikey, where does the time go?

To make up for the lack of blogging, I have decided to treat you to a feast of me - what more could you want? Normal service will resume soon!

Here I am at my first Easter egg hunt. Not sure I get the idea behind this one - it seems some bloke was nailed to a bit of wood and everyone celebrates by eating chocolate eggs from a rabbit. What kind of mixed up world have I entered?

Mum and Dad got me a big boy bed. I don't get how this works either. They put me in the middle of it, I go to sleep, and then I wake up like this. What's going on?

Uncle Parm bought me some cool threads - for some reason I move a lot faster when I wear this. It impresses the honeys too.

I am just beginning to figure out this 'crawling' lark. It appears I just flip over and wave my arms and legs in a general direction, and I tend to inch my way over there. Good fun, but my alleged parents keep moving stuff off the floor and higher up...

You know? Sometimes clothes are unnecessary. Like when I'm hanging out in my command center, making important calls to the gang. Nothing better than doing it in the buff without their knowing. Keeps me amused.

Mom is still very comfy.

So is dad.

I believe I have figured out a way to make crawling a bit easier on the knees. All I need is a couple more of these things tied around my waist and voila! Combine this with my Ferrari gear and you'll never catch me, mwahahaha!

Here I am eating a teething biscuit. Teething sucks. I constantly have red cheeks and cry at irregular intervals. It's not all bad though - I've got two teeth already! I'll let the parental units take a photo of them for the next blog.

Do I need to say anything about this photo?

I've been doing some research, and it turns out I was Mother Theresa in a former life. Bit bummed actually, I was hoping for Ghengis Khan.

Sometimes you just gotta stop and smell the roses...

Dad makes me toys every now and then - and I destroy them. For the full details behind this one, go to

There are some doubters out there that don't believe I write these blogs myself - well, here is the evidence of me with my laptop - now be quiet.

Mum and dad's friend, Vivianne, came to stay a while back. She is nice, especially when she gives me an ice cube to suck when my teeth hurt.

He may not be perfect, but he's my dad - get your own.

Just me, hanging out. How's things?

Sometimes a kid can be too cool.

Well, that's it - it's been fun! See you next time!

HJB out.