Saturday, July 3, 2010

Here we are again!

Howdy, minions,

Time for a quick update on the fabulous life of me.
I've got a lot to share, so I'll just cut to the chase.

By now I imagine that you have heard about the new member of our family - Kaylee, soon to be my dark appentice. Wel, I'm doing a separate blog for her, and you can see that at

In the meantime, you came here to see me - and that's who you're going to get.
Life is still barrelling along nicely, thank you very much. Grandma turned up to help out with the laundry, and she is also useful for trips to the park...

The park is where I learned to ride a dinosaur, which is a requirement for evil world dominators.

Recently, we had a couple of friends from Holland come to visit us, Kick and Chris. We had a BBQ, and Kick gave me a cool footie shirt, which I will wear when I watch Holland win the World Cup!

I am enjoying my new room, which I have decorated with stickers that auntie Robin gave me,

and I like playing outside, either with water

or chalk.

Check out how messy I get :)

When the dinosaur is out of commission, I use my fake x-wing.

Eating is still fun - I do eat my peas

although I prefer to steal dad's croissant.

When I take his food, he sends me to the naughty cupboard.

I'll leave you with a set of random images that not only show you how much I have grown, but how I outsmarted the cops by being all cute, and how I am helping with the housework.


Harry X