Friday, August 27, 2010

Evening, serfs, Harrison here.

Well, somehow I'm managing to keep my head above the chaos that is daily life right now. Mum and dad are thick in the middle of figuring out how to move back to Canada, and Kaylee seems hell bent on keeping grandma to herself.

In all the activity, the parental units have neglected my appearance, and I am in serious need of a haircut.

Exhibit A.

Exhibit B.

The P.U.s have been on an educational kick lately - they're happy that I can count to 12, know the alphabet and can name a couple of planets, but it seems that's not enough. They keep hauling me off to science museums too.
Thankfully there's room here for mayhem.
Look, there's a gaping hole in the fire engine - guess what happens next...

That's right - dad looks the other way, pretending I'm someone else's child.

I love the water activities at this place - the swirling vortex gives me so many ideas...

... and of course, it's fun getting your pants wet.

At the Tech museum, Oliver and I were meant to be figuring out the activities, but dad and Greg muscled in. Typical. Hey! We're learnin' here!

This big wall of lights creates music. It's fun, but hugely impractical and won't fit in my pocket.

Painting on a computer screen is cool too - but dad won't let me try this at home for some reason.

While at the tech, I designed a new doomsday device. I just need 20 trained gerbils and a AAA battery to get it going, mwahahahaha!

Recently they took me to Gilroy Gardens where I could let my (scruffy) hair down. Here I am breaking the speed limit.

And here I am in a strawberry. Yes, we were equally embarrassed.

Mum and dad discovered a great way to keep me busy, educational apps on mum's new iPod touch - that was, until I put it somewhere safe (it's been lost for 4 days now).

So now they've promoted me to the laptop - this thing is not as easy to lose...

Check it out - my new muscle suit! This is my new outfit for the partaking of wet activities, smart eh?

And here I am checking out the pruning on my toes with Uncle Paul - the water is nice and cool which is useful now that the temperatures here have reached 106F!

For my 2nd birthday, I was given a treat.
First, I was allowed out of my cage for an hour...

Then a bunch of strangers turned up and ate a moon cake that dad made for me.

Check out my facebook page for more cool photos of this momentous event!

I got some fun stuff from good old England too, firstly a nifty doctor's set from Aunty Julie and the brood...

And a noisy Iggle Piggle book from Granny Annie. I have to rest my head between the couch cushions while I read this one!

I got so many lovely pressies from everyone - and Kaylee and I will be sending out special thank-yous very soon*

OK - speak to you later. My next missive will probably arrive via Ottawa (whatever that is).

HJB Out!