Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Greetings, all!

Well, it took long enough, but dad finally let me back onto this infernal machine to pour forth my nuggets of wisdom.

How long has it been since my last report? Three months? Blimey. I guess we've been busy.

We've all been up to our usual tricks. Dad is mad busy trying to finish his latest animated film (something about fleas and mountains) and mum is huffing and puffing and complaining that someone keeps kicking her. Don't look at me. I might have the shoes for the job, but I don't kick my mummy.

I have been steadily asserting my dominance in this place, I watch Avatar whenever I want,

I drive myself around,

and I sleep wherever I damn well want.

Now that I have virtually all of my teeth in place, I am thoroughly enjoying whatever my parents are trying to eat. However, sometimes I let them strap me into my chair and force other consumables upon me. I am particularly fond of watermelons,

although nothing beats a jam sandwich!

It has been mentioned that I have a drinking problem. This is not true. I will admit though, that I prefer to drink laying down as it saves time.

I am trying to be helpful around the apartment, tidying not only my toys, but also myself when company calls unexpectedly.

I even help Uncle Paul keep his big house clean.

I have been hanging out with my friends, some old, some new, some robotic.
The geek scouts still like to get together every now and then for a giggle and a cup of tea. Here we are hanging out with our newest member.

I also went with Oliver to the zoo, I have decided I want the new baby to be a meerkat.

My other new friend is Sophia, and daddy taught me how to subdue and romance a possible future girlfriend.

Here I am with another pal listening to dad read a book (he's good at reading)

and again with Elmo, who I think was secretly after my balloon.

I also really like R2 D2,

although meeting the real thing was a little daunting!

So, what else is new?
Well, my drawing skills are improving,

I'm modeling for GQ,

Spring has sprung,

and daddy lets me play with the cars he used to play with when he was my age.

Finally, for those of you who did not know - in approximately three weeks time I will have a baby sister!
No name decided yet. My money's on Bambi though.

Here is a rough idea of what she will look like!

Wish me luck!!

HJB out.