Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Hello blind followers of the cult of Harrison,

Today's blog is dedicated to a very special person on a very special day.


Just kidding. Even though I just turned 9 months old yesterday, I feel it would be remiss of me not to acknowledge my alleged mother who is one of many magnificent matriarchs to be honored on this special day created exclusively by Hallmark.

I love you mum!

Well, now that I've got that out of the way, back to me.

It's been a very interesting month actually, dad had a birthday and mum bought him some balloons. I ask you - are these people really mature enough to raise a child?

On the plus side, I did manage to weasel a decent morsel of dad's icecream cake out of him - and I have decided that this is what I shall be wasting my pocket-money on in the future.

I am a big fan of frozen treats - especially in this terrible time of teething. Mum has a little mesh sucky thing into which she puts ice cubes and frozen baby juice (don't ask me where she gets frozen baby juice from), and which I enjoy sucking on immensely. Sometimes we all get a frozen sucky thing to enjoy and we eat them together.

This month has truly been a period of discovery.
I have discovered how to crawl...

How to grow teeth...

How to sit up and play by myself...

How to show my displeasure when forced to eat cold carrots...

How to stand up and watch my favorite shows...

and how to react when a Girls Gone Wild advert appears on screen...

Normally, dad and I enjoy a sedate period every morning watching my favorite characters, Clifford and Elmo. Here you can see how the camera perfectly captures my father's feigned interest in these shows.

Speaking of dads - I met the final piece in the grandparent puzzle the other day when Grandpa Baker popped in for a visit - here is a stunning family portrait of the Fabulous Baker Boys!

I'd like to wish you all a happy May, and leave you with some more random images.

When I sleep on dad, I wake up with bizarre face-markings. However, I kind of like these, I think they suit a future evil genius.

Mother has proven to be quite frugal in these times of economic strife. Now, instead of separately washing my clothes and then giving me a bath, she just chucks the whole lot in the laundry. Don't worry, I have alerted social services.

Here's me standing up again. I like this upright position - it moves me that much closer to all the fun electrical equipment that taunts me with its flashing lights and beeping noises.

Finally, here's another cute picture for you to print out and stick on your fridge. I'm sorry for all of these stunning photos of me that must be cluttering up your walls, but can I help it if I inherited my dad's good looks?

Until next time,

HJB out.