Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Afore we fly.

Greetings minions and evil-doers the world over,

As some of you may already know, my parental units are taking me to one half of my ancestoral home at the end of the week, and I shall be celebrating the holidays in jolly old England. Can't wait to meet family members I never knew I had, and charm the pants off mum and dad's friends. All that and turkey too - smashing.

Before I get too carried away though, I must apologise for skipping a month. There's no excuse, so I won't make one. That said, I'll now flood this blog with photos capturing the last couple of months in all their glory - lots of stuff happened, and I'm sure there was a purpose to it all...

Well, Halloween came and went (as did the chocolates I collected - thanks Uncle Paul). Dad carved a groovy pumpkin for me, befitting my dark side.

I got all decked out in my best space smuggler gear - just call me 'Han'.

I wowed the chicks.

Before hitting the town with my best buddies.

And counting my ill-gotten gains.

Also that month, I discovered the joys of brisk walks on crisp evenings. Mum and dad took me to a new park and we all had fun.
I looked at the birds on the lake.

Then dad showed me the art of swinging.

And then mum helped me up and down the stairs - all in all a most productive evening.

November swung around, and with it came butterflies and Thanksgiving.
We went to see the butterfly migration at Santa Cruz, but there weren't very many to see. Luckily I had Uncle Paul on hand to point out that the clusters of dead leaves we were looking at were, in fact, Monarch butterflies.

Not dead leaves

Saw some cool caterpillers though.

And then we went to the beach where everyone took turns to pose with me, thus making them better citizens.
First Mum.

Then Dad.

Then Uncle Paul!

We also went to some friends' house for a Thanksgiving meal. I gave thanks for the opportunity to do a bit of housework, although I needed a Dyson if I was going to suck up that paper airplane.

Towards the end of November, we all went for a jaunt to the Star Trek exhibit at the Tech museum in San Jose. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw people actually dressed up for this event - surely Star Wars fans would never be this nerdy...

It was here that I gave a whole new meaning to the phrase 'Captain's log.'

As usual, I'll leave you with some random images that sum up the past couple of months for me.

Dad's pointing lessons were going poorly.

I discovered that leaves come many different colors, but mum still makes me wash my hands whether they be green or red or brown.

Sometimes a t-shirt can say a thousand words.

I am experimenting with different looks for my dark lord outfit. I call this one "you want fries with that?"

But I think this is the winner. Darth Tater won't miss his mask.

I am also working on building a real lightsaber. OK, so it's a flashlight, but it is purple.

I have discovered many new games to play.
This one is called 'couch chewing' - it helps me soothe my four new teeth that are causing me so much grief these days.

I call this one 'Mummy's little helper'. They don't seem to find this very funny though.

Finally, I'll leave you with me and new best friend. When he asked me what I wanted for christmas, I said 'world domination' and then peed on his leg. I don't think this guy's going to be checking his list twice this year...

Happy Holidays!!


Friday, October 23, 2009

Settling In

Greetings, purveyors of quality babies,

It's been a busy month and a half since my last missive, but I thought you might like an update on my recent relocation to a new evil lair.

Sadly, all the volcanoes in San Jose were taken by other neferious types, so I had to settle on a spiffy apartment complex that looks a little bit like Italy.

Here is the main entrance to my new domain,

and here is the view from my bedroom window.

This is the area I have for my crib of doom,

and here is the corner for my diaper changing table... of doom.

Somehow, the parental units were able to squeeze the couches from Uncle Paul's place into this new location...

and gladly sacrificed their books so that I had somewhere to stash my toys.

One bonus to this new pad is the close vicinity of a splendid training ground where I shall be toughening up my recruits.

Here they will discover new definitions of pain as I put them through their paces on the swing of doom...

...the slide of doom...

...and the parallel bars of mild discomfort.

Recently, I visited some friends' houses. My associate and wheel-man, Oliver, held a Pirate-themed birthday party recently, and I not only shivered my timbers, but I also press-ganged Uncle Paul into being my cabin boy.

I also met up with another diabolical genius, Arusha, who showed me the joys of drumming,

followed by a demonstration of her own, evil meglomaniac chair.

I must admit, it was more comfortable than the chair I built for myself at home.

In other news, I am honing my hand-to-hand combat skills via unprovoked attacks on my creaking old dad. He is prone to yell "Not now, Kato!"

I am also learning to drive,

and thoroughly enjoying feeding myself.

I'll finish up this memo with a few random images showing how I have successfully integrated myself into society, but first, I must show you what happened after dad made me watch Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Enjoy the snaps!

HJB Out!